aură și întuneric was a location based performance that took place at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest. as you enter a museum, the first thing you do is you look at the artworks. you then read then name of the artist and the piece suddenly feels different. i wanted to take away the visual element of the museum, so i invited people to take a seat in a room, with an empty chair in front of them. the lights are turned off and the public is left in darkness. over the microphone i recited the names of only the male artists that where exhibiting in the museum at that time, as part of Învăţământul artistic bucureştean şi arta românească după 1950WHAT ABOUT Y[OUR] MEMORY and DISPOZIŢII ÎN TIMP ŞI SPAŢIU. the performance was a play on memory. i read small biographies for each artist, some very grandiose and using big words and others simple, as if accessing what i personally remembered. at the end of the performance, the lights were turned on, revealing a white frame containing a black image placed in the front seat. the performance was also an institutional critique, addressing the fact that even today, the predominant exhibitor in a museum is the middle class white male.

Marina Oprea -