the entertainment industry gives us the opportunity to live experiences, events that we are not willing to try ourselves through the media eye. abstract thinking is annihilated and current events are ingested without stopping. Diana Miron and I are two spectators that are emptying their minds via supersaturation with meaningless visual elements. as we watch a playlist compiled of reality shows and televised scandals, we drink tall glasses filled with black liquid that we regurgitate in a big transparent bowl as a way of expressing the void forming in our minds. at a certain point we both stand up and go behind the chairs where a stack of tree branches and two glasses of milk await us. we both grab the glasses of milk, facing one another, but only one drinks while the other just watches. we both set the glasses down and the one that chose to drink takes the branches out of the space and begins to build a nest, as a gesture of withdrawal and purification. the other goes back to watching television. it's all a matter of choice.