inspired by mircea cartarescu's rem, nu is a video regarding rules, breaking them and paradoxes. writing is a submissive act, it's something we learn in school, we hate doing as children and sometimes, even later. it's linked to bureaucracy, it's a tedious action, something methodical that takes time, patience and skill. however, in this video it is an act of rebellion, of refusal but in a silent manner. by doing this in writing, opposing becomes irrelevant as it does not leave room to act on the real feelings that one goes through. a hand is writing the word no over and over again on a piece of paper, using a red pen, the color of urgency. at first, the writer is patient, the writing is neat and tidy, but in time, the writer starts to loose control and writes faster and faster, the word becomes almost impossible to read. the rage becomes more and more evident at the end of the video.