as a follow up to blind reading, Gabriela Mateescu and I were invited by Ioana Ciocan to be part of her curatorial project 25 years after. prezența obligatorie is a performance/installation about the flawed educational system in Romania, where high school graduates are encouraged to sign up to as many colleges and universities as possible to ensure they end up studying somewhere. the idea of a gap year is completely unacceptable in most romanian homes. 

our performance was in the dark. we filled the walls of the gallery with thousands of papers with graduation test results and wrote messages with glow in the dark paint. these messages reflect the position of most parents when it comes to their children getting a college degree. a sound installation told the viewers about our personal incursion in the educational system and every once in a while our names would be called out loud in a row call. each of us answered by turning on flashlights and searching for our names in the lists.

how we made it