sleep dominates our lives and it provides the essential rest that we need in order to move forward. but sleep also provides the path way the interior life of the subconscious, connecting us to the questionable collective memory that could offer us the answers we seek. it is also the closest we will ever get to death without actually dying. but in today’s rapidly moving world, one can’t afford to properly connect to the inner life and sleep is often violently interrupted by the exterior world.

in out attempt to make a connection, Diana Miron and i performed the second awakening, where we start by sleeping in a bed, with a string of black ribbons in our mouths as our connection to the collective memory and to each other. we get up and, keeping our eyes closed and with the ribbons hanging from our mouths, we attempt to put together a puzzle made up of white pieces. there are noises in the background that hint to the dream’s realm. at one point, the sound changes dramatically from dream like sounds to the everyday noise one might hear upon waking up. the soundtrack was comprised of noises we recorded in our backyards mixed with music and lyrics by Diana.