ursitul is the archaic word for soul mate in romanian. there are countless traditions and rituals in the romanian folklore for girls who want to get married and seek out their ursit but there are no such traditions for boys. although these rituals are very old, in this day and age, a woman's status is still determined by her relationship with a man. an unmarried woman is judged and considered unlucky. taking into consideration that i am legally married but i did not take part in a religious ceremony, i chose five marriage rituals to test them and see if there is any truth to them.

measuring water - using a small cup, measure 9 cups of water in a traditional bowl and leave it over night under a religious icon. measure the water in the bowl using the same cup the next day. if there is less water in the bowl, it is bad luck. if there is more water, even a few extra drops, it means that the girl will get married. results: getting married

wax droplets - pour two drops of wax from a candle in a saucer filled with water. if the drops meet, it means that the girl is getting married. results: not getting married

cherrie pits - take an unknown number of cherries and count the pits as you eat them using the system: i will get married this year, next year, someday, never. results: getting married someday

yeast bread - make a bread dough using yeast and let it grow. bake the bread in the oven and the place a piece of garlic inside the bread. let it sit for a week. it is good luck if the garlic sprouts. results: not getting married

crown of sânziene flowers - make a crown out of sânziene flowers and throw it on the roof of a house. if it doesn't fall back it means that the girl will soon marry. results: getting married

i followed the rules of each tradition and used objects with a special significance: the religious icon was a gift from town hall on my wedding day, the traditional bowl was handed down to me from my grandmother, i bought the candle from the church where my parents got married, i received the cherries and the flowers from my husband.

the results of the tests proved inconclusive.